Training: What to Expect

The Academy

Applicants who successfully complete the application process are invited to attend the IMPD Reserve Academy as a recruit officer.  IMPD reserve recruit officers receive the same training as full-time IMPD recruits, and the IMPD Reserve Academy is accredited by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.

The Reserve Academy is approximately 10 months long, and classes usually meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:00 pm – 10:00 pm) and on Saturdays (8:00 am – 5:00 pm).

Classes are not conducted on days that fall on major holidays.

The IMPD Reserve Academy is paramilitary in nature, and the Academy Training Staff is actively involved to assist recruits with any issues that may arise during the Academy.  The primary goal of the Academy Training Staff is to provide the information, assistance, and motivation necessary to help recruits successfully complete training.  The Reserve Academy curriculum mirrors the curriculum of the full-time academy and includes the following methods/areas of instruction:

  • Academics/classroom instruction
  • Role-playing and practical field exercises
  • Combatives
  • Physical skills (such as emergency vehicle operations, firearms, etc.)
  • Physical Conditioning

Field Training

Upon graduating the Reserve Academy, recruits become “Probationary Officers” and learn to apply their academy knowledge in the field through IMPD’s Field Training Program.  During this phase, probationary officers work “on the street” under the supervision of specially trained Field Training Officers.  Typically, this training phase lasts 720 hours, and efforts are made to schedule field training around the probationary officer’s family and full-time work commitments.

Solo-Duty Status

When probationary officers complete their Field Training phase, they earn the title of "Patrol Officer."  This notable achievement indicates that the Reserve Police Officer has completed all phases of training and has successfully demonstrated all of the skills necessary to be a safe, competent and effective Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Police Officer.

Upon reaching this status, IMPD Reserve Officers are required to contribute a minimum of 24 hours per month of assigned duty (typically on weekends), though most Reserve Officers voluntarily contribute more.

Many Reserve Officers take advantage of optional advanced courses and specialty training according to their personal interests, including (but not limited to) motorcycles, bicycle patrol, K9, investigations, and undercover operations.