• I already have my Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) certification.  Do I still have to attend the IMPD Reserve Academy?

If you have a current ILEA certification, you may be considered for an accelerated training program on a case-by-case basis.  If you successfully complete the application process, you will be asked to submit your training records, which will be reviewed by the IMPD Training Commander.  Typically, you will start the Academy, and your performance will be evaluated to determine whether you are eligible for an accelerated training program.

  • I submitted an application but haven’t heard anything; how do I know that I am in the process?

To maintain the integrity and high standards of IMPD officers, the application process does take some time.  In the meantime, if you move or change your telephone number or email address, you MUST complete a NEW Online Interest Card.

  • What is the residency requirement to be an IMPD Reserve Police Officer?

Until recently, IMPD Reserve Police Officers were required to live in Marion County.  In the summer of 2011, the Marion County/Indianapolis City-County Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of expanding the residency requirement for IMPD Reserve Police Officers so that officers can now live in Marion County OR in any one of the 7 adjoining counties (the counties that “touch” Marion County).

  • What are the physical fitness requirements?

All applicants must meet or exceed the physical fitness “Entrance Standard” during the application process and the “Graduation Standard” upon completion of the Academy.  Applicants are expected to report to the Academy in good physical condition.  During the first week of the Academy, recruits must meet or exceed the Entrance Standard to remain in the Academy. 

Resting Blood Pressure <= 139/89 <= 139/89
Body Fat N/A < 22.0%
Flexibility N/A 16.9 inches minimum
Bench Press N/A 1.03% above your body weight minimum
Trigger Pull 16 X Dominant N/A
Trigger Pull 16 X Non-Dominant Hand N/A
Vertical Jump 13.5 inches minimum 16 inches minimum
One Minute of Sit-ups 24 minimum 29 minimum
Run-300 Meters 82 seconds or less 71 seconds or less
Push-ups (no time limit) 21 minimum 28 minimum
Run-1.5 miles 18 minutes 56 seconds or less 14 minutes 54 seconds or less