About The Reserves

Since the creation of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in 2007, its Reserve Program is known throughout the country as one of the best in the nation in terms of training, productivity, and benefits. IMPD Reserve Officers are sworn police officers and supplement the efforts of full-time officers to help make Indianapolis a city of safer streets and stronger neighborhoods.

IMPD Reserve Officers receive the same training, wear the same uniform, and have the same authority and responsibility as their full-time counterparts. In fact, the reserve force of the IMPD is one of the few reserve units in the entire country with the training and manpower to “take over” an entire metropolitan district and handle all emergency calls for service at any given time.

IMPD Reserve Officers work in various areas throughout the Department, including:

Bicycle Patrol

  • Uniform Patrol
  • Aviation
  • K9
  • Bicycle Detail
  • Recruitment
  • Motorcycle Detail
  • Vice Detail
  • Narcotics
  • Traffic
  • Investigations
  • Academy Training Staff

The IMPD Reserves Program is designed to attract applicants from various professional backgrounds and from all segments of the community. Reserves come from all walks of life and are generally older than full-time recruits. During the day, IMPD Reserves may be attorneys, business owners, government employees, homemakers, or even retirees.

While the Reserve Unit is as diverse as our city, all of its members share a common interest of serving as IMPD Police Officers to make Indianapolis a better place to live.

All Reserve Officers undergo an exhaustive selection process and are held to the same high standards set by the Department for full-time officers. Many Reserve Officers have been recipients of commendations for their actions in the line of duty from the Department, the City of Indianapolis, and from the neighborhoods in which they live and work.

The IMPD Reserve Unit gradually continues to increase its membership, and its presence is increasingly felt throughout the Department and the community. IMPD Reserve Officers are effective spokespersons in garnering support for law enforcement, and their presence in the Department provides full-time officers with insight into all segments of the City’s diverse population.

Each fiscal year, Reserve Officers cumulatively donate hundreds of thousands of hours to the Department, providing several million dollars worth of police services to the community. Their contribution is significant and increases the presence of officers in the field.

Their selfless dedication to duty optimizes the concept of community-based policing and helps to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Indianapolis and Marion County.